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Adelle Unicorn in stone age as sexy neanderthal girl

In a distant land, deep in the heart of the Neanderthal Stone Age, lived a mystical creature known as Adelle Unicorn. She was unlike any other being in her tribe, with a sparkling mane of rainbow colors and a shimmering horn atop her head. Adelle was not just any ordinary unicorn, she possessed a unique power that allowed her to transform into a human at will.

One day, while wandering through the forest, Adelle came across a group of neanderthals. They were a primitive tribe, living off the land and surviving in a harsh environment. Adelle was fascinated by their way of life and decided to observe them from a distance. As she watched, she couldn't help but feel a sense of curiosity and longing to interact with them.

Using her powers, Adelle transformed into a human and approached the tribe. At first, they were shocked by her appearance, mistaking her for a goddess or spirit from the heavens. But as they got to know her, they welcomed her into their community with open arms.

Adelle was amazed by the neanderthals' way of life. They lived in harmony with nature, using primitive tools and techniques to hunt for food and create shelter. She was particularly drawn to one neanderthal, a handsome and strong hunter named Ugg. There was an undeniable attraction between them, and Adelle couldn't resist his rugged charm.

As she spent more time with the tribe, Adelle began to adapt to their ways and even started to teach them some of her own skills. She showed them how to use herbs and plants for healing, as well as how to make colorful dyes from berries and flowers. The neanderthals were in awe of her knowledge and skills, and Adelle felt a sense of purpose and belonging among them.

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