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Short hairy Lena

Short hairy Lena
Lena was a blonde haired woman who lived in an apartment complex off the main street. She was known for wearing blue underwear and was often seen shooting her black nylon rifle at the target range down the road. She was a woman of few words but usually had a smile on her face when she ventured out of her apartment. She was known to be a bit of a loner, often seen walking her short hair dog around the complex and never staying out too late. She was a bit of an enigma to her neighbors, but they all respected her and knew she had a good heart. Lena lived in the complex for years and was well known for her blue underwear, short hair, and her black rifle. She was a beloved member of the community and will be missed by many.
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Video posted on Saturday, 04 November 2023 17:51
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